The road from BlackBerry to BackBerry

Now that BlackBerry is single and looking, I am sure there are other singles interested in it. For a company valued at 4-5B, there will be a lot of eyes looking at it.

What does BlackBerry need to be Back? And who should BlackBerry look for?

A very few made into the business world and then lost it like BlackBerry. They key to their failure is their underestimation on the low margin high volume consumer market and they just did not have any supporters. They were all alone thinking they will rule the market – little did they pay attention to the complete eco system that affects them.bbry

So, if they have to learn from the recent success of smartphone companies – all the companies except Apple have a partner/supporter. Motorola mobility bought out by Google. Nokia teaming with Microsoft. With Samsung all in with one goal – bring down the cost of the Smartphone. Blackberry not only needs a company with strategy but also a plan to expose its OS and products to other handset makers. Here are a few must haves for the buyers

Company that can talk business and consumer language
Global retail reach
Poineer in integrating into business landscape/products
And someone who’s got 5B in the coffers

While Microsoft would have been a natural fit, they seem to have their eyes set on Nokia and their windows mobile platform – but at 5B Microsoft can use BlackBerry’s strength in software and still use Nokia to make the hardware – you never know!

One thing is for sure – investors are going to jump to reap the results of this last mile!